Robert Kiyosaki insta a invertir en Bitcoin

  • Autor del bestseller “Padre rico, padre pobre” insta una vez más a invertir en la primera criptomoneda.
  • Agregó que comprar Bitcoin, oro y plata es una buena jugada hoy.

American investor Robert Kiyosaki, en su X (anteriormente Twitter), insta a invertir en Bitcoin, plata y oro.

“I am constantly asked ‘What price will gold, silver, or Bitcoin be in 2025?’ My reply is that is a silly question. More important question is how many gold, silver, Bitcoins do you have TODAY? Gold, silver, Bitcoin are bargains today… but not tommow. America is broke. Buy GSBC…” — wrote Kiyosaki.


Earlier, the businessman stated that cryptocurrencies are the future and called fiat money fake.

Kiyosaki also made a forecast regarding the price of the first cryptocurrency. In his opinion, Bitcoin will reach $120,000 during 2024.

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