Ampliación de seguridad en con autenticación vía e-mail

  • Social platform has added support for email login.
  • This decision was made in response to SIM card swapping attacks.
  • Prior to this, a hacker compromised four accounts and stole assets worth $385,000, according to experts. has introduced the option to switch from phone number to email for account login. It is expected that this new feature will enhance security and prevent hacking attacks.

The project team made this decision after a series of incidents involving SIM card swapping. As a result of such attacks, some users noticed that funds were being withdrawn from their accounts.

For example, one user reported the loss of 22 ETH. It is believed that the funds were stolen through SIM card replacement.

Analyst ZachXBT warned that in the past 24 hours, the same fraudster had gained control of $385,000 through SIM card swapping of four users.

Earlier, the founder of cybersecurity company Slowmist, Xian Yu, reported the hacking of accounts.

According to the expert, in such cases, hackers gain access to users’ accounts and eliminate their keys — social tokens associated with influential individuals on the platform that provide advantages to their owners.

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